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I have been travelling across the length and breadth of Africa to find and help endangered animals of that region. It would not have been possible for me to undertake this Herculean task all by myself. However, the support in the form of cash donations and medicines that I received from my overseas friends helped me extensively during this trip. I might not have been able to contact them on a regular basis if I did not have a voip hosted phone along with me.

Extra information about voip hosted

Those who make international calls are well aware of the stiff tariff charged -- both for fixed line phones as well as for mobile phones -- by the telecommunication department of their country. Receiving calls from my overseas friends also posed a problem for me. Since I am not a resident of that country, I would have to pay roaming charges for receiving calls from them as well. However, my VOIP hosted phone saved me during my stay in Africa. I would disconnect the call each time one of my friends called me, and then ring him back using my VOIP hosted phone. This system worked perfectly for both of us. My overseas friend would not have to pay outrageous charges for an overseas call, and I would have to pay peanuts for calling him.

The internet has changed the way we perform our daily tasks. It has also enabled us to make VOIP (Voice Over the Internet Protocol). I only needed a local ISP a fixed monthly rent for a broadband connection to my notepad. Using a wi-fi dongle, I could carry this laptop with me inside the forest. As long as my laptop had internet connectivity, I could make calls with it, using its microphone to speak and a connected headphone set to hear the voice of my friends. In case I as not online, my friends would send an email to me. As soon as I read the same, I would get in touch with him with the help of my special phone. Some people advised me to send a reply through email, but that was not possible.

On several occasions, I had to transmit the images of the injured animals to my vet friends so that they could diagnose the injury and suggest the best course of treatment. The camera fitted on my notepad allowed me to send them streaming images over the internet. I used to ring them before sending the live images so that they could reply and tell me what steps I should take to assist the injured animal. I would pass on these instructions to a local vet who would take necessary steps to revive the injured animal. Those who have never used such a method to make calls will be amazed when they find out how cheap these calls are. A typical call to USA from Africa costs just a couple of cents with the help of a VOIP hosted phone. I just had to install a special program (available free of charge on the net) in order to make these calls. If you want, you too can call your overseas friends and relatives, with the help of a VOIP hosted phone.